Seconal is a short-acting barbiturate prescription sedative. The brand name for secobarbital, Seconal abuse was once very common; Seconal was nicknamed “reds” or “red devils” due to the pill’s distinct red color. Seconal has largely been supplanted by benzodiazepines in modern times.

What is Seconal (Secobarbital)?

That said, it’s still available. Seconal has something of a grim reputation; secobarbital is the drug used most often in physician-assisted suicides in the US. Seconal addiction is also difficult to treat, and it’s easy to overdose on Seconal as well. Like all barbiturates, Seconal can be lethal when mixed with other drugs, including alcohol.

Seconal withdrawal and abuse is treatable, but a detox center must be the first step as recovery from Seconal abuse scan be complex and even dangerous.