Vyvanse is a prescription amphetamine used to treat ADHD. Very similar to Adderall, Vyvanse tends to have fewer side effects. Vyvanse has another similarity with Adderall: it’s a commonly abused drug.

Considered a “study drug” by stressed college students, the drug is often abused because it’s thought to give students an advantage during crunch times. No study has ever found Vyvanse or Adderall to have any sort of educational benefit, but both drugs come with a risk of addiction over prolonged use.

What is Vyvanse?

Drug abuse doesn’t mean the drug has to be illicit – any drug used outside of a physician’s orders is drug abuse, period. Vyvanse detox can include some unpleasant mental symptoms; professionally-administered Vyvanse detox can help a patient recovering from Vyvanse abuse have the best chance possible at full recovery.