Oramorph is a prescription painkiller and a brand name for morphine. Morphine is a very potent opioid used to treat pain for well over a century. Oramorph is a fast-acting liquid form of morphine. Like all opioid drugs, Oramorph binds to certain cell receptors in the body, changing how we experience pain.

What is Oramorph?

Oramorph is generally safe to use as prescribed. Oramorph abuse is highly dangerous. As an opioid, it’s highly addictive and easy to build a tolerance to … meaning someone engaged in Oramorph abuse has to take more of the drug to feel the same results. This is also a risk for overdose. Additionally, it’s highly dangerous to mix Oramorph with other drugs – the interactions can be fatal.

Recovery from Oramorph abuse is difficult, but doable. Oramorph withdrawal can be very complex and difficult, so it’s best to start recovery with a reputable clinical detox center.