Opana is the brand name for oxymorphone, an opioid pain medication. Opana is no longer available in the US, but there’s still generic varieties of oxymorphone available.

Prescription drugs are generally quite safe when used as prescribed. However, taking more than the amount prescribed, using someone else’s prescription, or using Opana recreationally are all forms of drug abuse.

Also, like every other opioid pain medication, Opana is potentially addictive.

What is Opana?

When a person engages in Opana abuse over time, they build up a resistance to the drug’s effects – they have to take more Opana to feel the same sensations. This is called tolerance, and it fuels addictive behaviors.

Opana abuse also comes with the risk of overdose; it’s a powerful painkiller and can be toxic in high amounts.

Opana abuse is treatable, but detox is the important first step. Opioid withdrawal can be difficult; professional medical detox makes unpleasant symptoms much easier to bear.