Norco is another brand name for a mix of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. A prescription painkiller, Norco’s formulation is intended to provide a safer experience for users – by combining hydrocodone with acetaminophen, users have a far lesser overdose risk.

What is Norco?

However, there’s still risks involved, particularly in the case of Norco abuse. As is the case with any opioid painkiller, Norco abuse can be addictive. When mixed with other drugs including alcohol, Norco can be deadly. Also, the greater amounts of the drug used during Norco abuse means users are also at a risk of injury from high doses of acetaminophen.

Norco addiction is treatable, but there’s risks involved: Norco withdrawal can be unpleasant and complex. A professional detox center is the best first step for Norco addiction recovery.