One of the oldest opioid painkillers, morphine has been used to treat pain for over 200 years. A highly addictive substance made from the opium poppy, morphine has also been abused for nearly as long.

Heroin is derived from morphine, and morphine is used as a measuring stick to determine the relative strength of other opioid medications.

Morphine produces intense feelings of euphoria. Unfortunately, like other opioid drugs, the body can quickly build up a tolerance to its effects.

Morphine users have to take more and more of the substance to experience the same effects.

Eventually, morphine abuse turns into addiction.

What is Morphine?

Meanwhile, morphine’s chemical effects can convince the body it needs morphine to function normally. When morphine abuse stops, users experience withdrawal effects.

Morphine withdrawal can be intensely unpleasant. Medical detox in a secure, clinical environment can make the first steps of recovery easier to manage.