Often prescribed under the brand name Ritalin, methylphenidate is a prescription amphetamine used to treat ADHD. When used as prescribed, methylphenidate is safe and effective. When abused, methylphenidate is far more dangerous.

Although not as strong as methamphetamines, amphetamines like methylphenidate are attractive to abuse. Fast-acting and with an assumption of safety thanks to a prescription label, methylphenidate abuse is often done recreationally or as a performance-enhancing drug. This is a mistake.

What is Methylphenidate?

First, there’s no proof that methylphenidate abuse enhances performance, physical or otherwise. Secondly, methylphenidate abuse can become addiction fairly quickly. Like many drugs, methylphenidate’s effects fade with heavy use. Users have to take more methylphenidate to feel the same effects, creating a risk of overdose.

Methylphenidate addiction is best done by trained professionals at a detox center.