Methedrine is a brand name for methamphetamine, an extremely potent central nervous system stimulant. Used to treat ADHD and obesity, methedrine has largely been supplanted by drugs which are safer and less addictive. However, Methedrine is still used recreationally.

What is Methedrine?

Chemically similar to crystal meth, Methedrine is both potent and addictive. Methedrine abuse has many of the same risks of crystal meth abuse – nervous sensations, sleep disturbances, skin lesions, and so on.

It’s also possible for Methedrine to lose its effects with abuse, meaning users have to take more of the drug to feel the same effect … which comes with a risk of overdose. Methedrine withdrawal and addiction is treatable … but difficult.

A detox center will help Methedrine users get through the psychological symptoms of Methedrine abuse.