Related to (and stronger than) amphetamines, meth has devastated communities and ruined lives. Meth most often appears in a crystalline form and is a powerful, long-lasting stimulant.

Traditionally made in dangerous homemade labs, most meth nowadays is made in so-called “superlabs” outside the US and is imported here via criminal gangs.

What is Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth)?

Like most drugs, meth causes the body to release large amounts of the reward chemical dopamine. This release creates euphoric feelings which drive addiction. Meth, however, keeps dopamine in the system far longer, creating an intense, long-lasting high. It’s also why meth is extremely addictive.

The physical effects of meth abuse are well-known. Smoking meth can damage the lungs, snorting meth can destroy the inside of the nose, injecting meth comes with risks of hepatitis and HIV.

Methamphetamine recovery can be challenging; withdrawal symptoms for meth can last for months. Professional detox can help patients manage cravings and other symptoms.