Sold under the name Ativan, lorazepam is a member of the benzodiazepine family of drugs. They’re prescription sedatives used to treat anxiety, seizures, and the effects of alcohol withdrawal, among other uses. Unfortunately, lorazepam abuse is fairly common – and dangerous.

What is Lorazepam (Ativan)?

Lorazepam abuse is risky for a number of reasons. It’s easy to rapidly build a tolerance to Lorazepam’s effects, meaning more of the drug has to be taken to experience the same effects.

In turn, that increases the risk of lorazepam addiction … and overdose. Lorazepam overdose can be fatal. Treating lorazepam addiction can be very difficult. Lorazepam withdrawal can be dangerous; there’s a risk of seizures. Seeking care at a certified detox facility is a must when recovering from lorazepam addiction.