Spice, K2 and other synthetic cannabinoids are some of the most dangerous drugs available.

Essentially dried herbs sprayed(or vape liquid filled) with research chemicals intended to mimic the effects of cannabis, spice is often sold legally as “phone screen cleaner,” “potpourri” and so on. With “not intended for human consumption” labels on the packaging acting as a legal fig-leaf, these substances provide a tempting alternative for someone looking to get high legally.

What is K2 (Spice) Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Plus, these drugs don’t often show up on drug tests.

The problem is the effects of K2/Spice are completely unpredictable. Classed as “new psychoactive substances,” the effects range from relatively mild to violent psychosis, seizures, and death. It all depends on what’s in the chemicals.

The toxic, life-or-death gamble of spice abuse means getting professional detox help is critically important. Spice addiction and withdrawal is treatable, but detox must be the first step.