Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, more readily known as GHB, is a central nervous system depressant. Used as a treatment for narcolepsy, GHB also produces euphoric feelings, a sense of peace, and other pleasurable effects.

Most GHB purchased on the streets or in the clubs associated with its use is illegally manufactured. This makes GHB abuse dangerous; there’s no guarantee what you’re taking. Regular GHB abuse can also cause memory loss, difficulty speaking, and seizures. It’s also possible to overdose on GHB.

What is GHB?

There’s a far more sinister quality to GHB: it’s known as “the date rape drug.” Slipped into drinks by predators, high doses can knock someone out, make them lose their memories, and even poison them.

GHB withdrawal can be both intense and unpredictable. Effects can range from muscle pain to delirium. Professional, medically supervised detox is absolutely necessary when treating GHB abuse.