Rarely seen outside of a clinical setting, Duramorph is a brand name for morphine sulfate. It’s an injectable form of morphine, which has been used as an opioid painkiller for well over a century. Due to its potency, Duramorph is most often used for patients who aren’t responsive to other forms of pain control.

What is Duramorph?

Duramorph is also a drug which is very easy to abuse. An injectable drug, Duramorph abuse is attractive as its effects come on very quickly. Like other opioids, Duramorph abuse can create intense feelings of euphoria, which fuel drug-taking behaviors. Duramorph’s potency also substantially increases the risk of overdose.

Duramorph addiction and withdrawal symptoms is treatable, but complex. Treating Duramorph abuse must start with professional detox.