Duragesic is the brand name for a fentanyl patch. Worn on the skin, Duragesic dispenses painkilling relief over several days. As for fentanyl, it’s a very potent opioid medication which has become infamous in recent years as a driver of overdoses.

What is Duragesic?

Granted, most of the fentanyl responsible for the overdose crisis was produced in clandestine underground labs. However, it’s possible to develop an addiction to Duragesic.

Duragesic abuse is very risky. When used in larger amounts, Duragesic abuse can produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation like other opioid drugs. Also, fentanyl is an extremely potent opioid, and it’s easy to overdose on it. Recovering from Duragesic addiction can be difficult due to intense withdrawal symptoms. Professional detox help is key to success.