Known by some as the “spirit molecule,” DMT is the name for N, N-dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogen used for centuries by South American tribes. Found in plants, DMT is most often encountered as the drug ayahuasca.

Although illegal to make, possess and use in the US, consensus on DMT is mixed. Some see it as being helpful in treating addiction; others see it as a spiritual tool. Also, it’s not known if DMT is addictive. DMT is a highly powerful hallucinogen, however, and that comes with certain risks.

What is DMT?

Some DMT users experience intensely disturbing visions when using the drug. It also interacts poorly with antidepressants, particularly MAOIs. The drug raises blood pressure and heart rate, and some users can experience DMT’s effects for weeks after use.

Even nonaddictive drugs can be abused, especially if they’re an attempt to self-medicate. Detox is the important first step to getting professional help.