Crystal meth is one of the street names for methamphetamine, a powerful and illicit stimulant. So named because it comes in a crystalline form, crystal meth is usually smoked or snorted; it can also be injected. Once a prescription drug, crystal meth was made illegal when its addictive properties became widely understood. Clandestine “super labs” produce most of the crystal meth available in the U.S.

What is Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine)?

Infamous for its intense, long-lasting high, crystal meth acts similar to other stimulants like cocaine when used. However, crystal meth’s high lasts far longer, keeping users awake for days at times. The high creates a variety of nasty side effects, ranging from crawling sensations under the skin to the infamous “meth mouth.”

Developing an addiction to crystal meth is all too easy, and detoxing involves withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from crystal meth should only be done with a trained detox professional.