Cocaine is associated with parties, clubs, and glamour. Perhaps that’s why the violence, greed, and exploitation associated with its manufacture and distribution is easy to ignore.

A highly addictive stimulant, cocaine can be snorted, injected, and smoked in a crystalline form called crack. The drug produces an intense “rush” when used, but like all other drugs the effect fades with time. This causes users to take larger amounts of the drug to feel the same effects.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is physically dangerous and easy to overdose on. Additionally, many dealers cut their supply with harmful substances, including fentanyl.

Detoxing from cocaine abuse isn’t quite as hard as opioid drugs, but the emotional lows and intense cravings users feel when they stop using the drug can be hard to cope with. A professional, 24/7 detox can make the process much easier … and recovery much more successful.