Treating drug abuse with more drugs?

It sounds crazy, but it works: medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective and safe method to treat opioid addiction. Buprenorphine, itself an opioid drug, plays a crucial role in helping thousands of people live happier, healthier lives.

Here’s how: buprenorphine produces milder effects than other opioid drugs. This reduces physical dependency like cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It’s also harder to overdose on – higher doses do not increase the effects. This allows opioid users the space to taper off their opioids as they receive treatment.

What is Buprenorphine?

Buprenorphine isn’t often abused, as the physical effects are comparatively weak to other opioid drugs. In professional medical detox, it’s administered as part of a carefully monitored detox program for maximum safety and effectiveness.