Avinza is a brand name of morphine pain pills. A painkilling drug made from the opium poppy, morphine has been used to treat pain for centuries … and ensnared people in addiction for nearly as long.

Like all other opioid painkillers, Avinza changes the way we perceive pain by activating areas on nerve cells. Morphine also releases dopamine, a brain chemical used in the body’s reward system. This release of dopamine creates feelings of euphoria, which encourages more Avinza abuse.

What is Avinza?

There’s another risk – it is easy to build up a tolerance to Avinza, meaning more of the drug must be used to feel the same effects. This is potentially fatal – many drug overdoses in the US are due to the abuse of opioid medications like Avinza.

Avinza addiction is treatable, but difficult and complex. Detoxing from Avinza is a long process and best done in a clinical detox setting, with 24/7 monitoring to avoid complications and making withdrawal symptoms easier to bear.