Anexsia is a prescription pain medication which combines the opioid hydrocodone with the pain reliever acetaminophen. Like other opioid pain killers, hydrocodone changes the way we perceive pain by activating certain areas on nerve cells. When used according to a physician’s instructions, Anexsia is safe to use.

What is Anexsia?

However, because it’s an opioid painkiller, Anexsia can be abused. Drug abuse isn’t just about illegal drugs; it applies to prescriptions as well. Taking more of a drug than you’re supposed to, using a prescription recreationally, sharing a prescription with another person are all behaviors related to drug abuse.

There’s an additional risk of Anexsia abuse as well: while acetaminophen isn’t addictive, large doses can cause severe damage to the liver, potentially leading to death.

Recovering from opioid abuse is very difficult, and best done at a professional detox center.