Amytal is a brand name for barbiturates, a class of prescription tranquilizers. They’re less commonly used today, largely because getting addicted to (and overdosing on) barbiturates is very easy. Amytal is used to treat anxiety and seizures, among other conditions.

While barbiturates have been largely replaced with benzodiazepines (a family of drugs which also have addictive potential), they’re still prescribed and used recreationally. It’s extremely easy to build up a tolerance to Amytal, meaning a user has to take more and more of it to feel the same effects.

What is Amytal?

It’s possible to overdose on Amytal, but like other barbiturate drugs it’s often used with other addictive substances like alcohol. This is extremely risky, and a major cause of overdoses. Also, detoxing from Amytal is difficult and complex. It’s best done in a clinical detox environment, with professional staff monitoring the patient’s safety.