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Offers Private Bathrooms?

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Must have Gone Through a Prior Program?

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Administer Meds?

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What is the Curfew Time for Saturday?

What is the Curfew Time for Sunday?

Must have Personal Goals?

Must do Twelve Step Meetings?

Rent is Required First of Each Month?

No Littering in Front of Property?

Random Drug Testing?

Do Not Disturb Other Residents?

All Meds Taken As Prescribed?

Must be Out of House?

Must Be Out of House Hours (From)?

Must Be Out of House Hours (To)?

Guest Visiting Hours?

Guest Visiting Hours (From)?

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Weekly Chores?

Abide By Local Covid Rules?

Must Notify Of Prescribed Meds?

Have Quiet Hours?

House Quiet Hours (From)?

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Must be On Step # (AA, CA, NA, etc) ?

Zero Tolerance For Sexual Activity?

Resident Rooms Must Be Clean?

Zero Tolerance for Destroying Property?

Zero Tolerance For Confrontation?

Must Report All Rules Violations?

Zero Tolerance for Stealing?

Weekly Checkins Required?

Must Have a Sponsor (12 Step Program)?

Job Schedules Must Be Approved?

Daily House Chores?

Days before Overnight Approval?


Breathalyzed Nightly?